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Lightweight Solutions, LLC, welcomes you to our website, the home of Solite® Lightweight Concrete Mix, a lightweight product with heavyweight performance. Solite® Lightweight Concrete Mix is a lightweight concrete alternative to conventional concrete mixes. At only 48 pounds per bag it contains the same amount of concrete as competitors’ 80 pound bag. Go to the Our Product tab to see the benefits of using Solite® Lightweight Concrete Mix.

Lightweight concrete has been used in construction projects throughout the United States since the 1920’s. Developed primarily to reduce weights without sacrificing strength, lightweight concrete mixes were an integral part in the construction of skyscrapers. As well, they have played a key role in the growth of the masonry veneer stone industry, where lighter weight eliminates the need for wall ties or footers to support the stone. Look at the exterior of any Olive Garden or P.F. Chang’s and you will see lightweight concrete at work. Eldorado Stone, Veneerstone, Coronado Stone Products, and Cultured Stone Manufactured Stone Veneer all use lightweight aggregates to make their concrete stone.

Now Solite® Lightweight Concrete Mix takes the concept one step further by providing homeowners and contractors a product that is light, easy to use, and superior to normal weight concrete mixes.

Now available at Home Depot in the Hampton Roads area of Eastern Virginia, from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach - just in time for your Spring projects!




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